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Over the past few days, I’ve been popping up on various blogs to share some thoughts about The Darkest Heart and Red Winter. There are still a few more days left to go, but I thought I’d make a note of the links here, just in case you’ve missed any of them. Oh, and yesterday’s post was an opportunity to win a copy of The Darkest Heart . . . don’t miss out!


Crime Thriller Girl – Win The Darkest Heart

Crime Fiction Lover – The dark heart of Brazil

Crime Book Club – Extract from The Darkest Heart

Trip Fiction – Travel and Story

Raven Crime Reads – The inspiration behind Red Winter

The Murder Room – Extract from Red Winter

Shots Blog – The beliefs and superstitions in The Darkest Heart and Red Winter




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The Big Blog Tour!!

Blog TourThis month has already seen the UK publication of MY BROTHER’S SECRET and the US paperback publication of THE CHILD THIEF. But it’s not over yet . . . The next couple of months will be an exciting time as a few more Dan Smith novels emerge into daylight.

THE DARKEST HEART (UK hardback) 3rd July, RED WINTER (UK paperback)  3rd July, MY FRIEND THE ENEMY (US Hardback) 26th Aug, and LE VILLAGE (French edition of The Child Thief) 21st Aug.

But let’s not jump the gun. It’s now just three days until The Darkest Heart and Red Winter come out to play, so the fantastic Graeme Williams, Senior Marketing Exec at Orion towers, has organised a blog tour. For the next ten days, I’ll be popping up around the internet appearing on various booky blogs to talk about the two novels and the inspiration behind them. There’ll be extracts, a chance to win a copy of the books, and there’ll be music, tea, biscuits, murder, and monsters.

Today I’m talking about murder for $40 over at CRIME FICTION LOVER. Why not come and join me?




Blog Tour

‘Back To It’ day

‘Back to it’ day. That’s what today is – the day for getting back to it.

Y’see, I’ve had a few days away from writing since I finished working on the edits for God and The Devil (next year’s book for adult readers), so it was with some trepidation that I began work on editing next year’s book for younger readers . . .

Sunday Times Must Reads 11.08.13 copyI always feel a touch of the nerves when I come back to a book, or start something new, but the good news is that it’s all shaping up well. The editorial notes are enhancements rather than changes, and as well as being under the expert guidance of my fab agent and the superb team at Chicken House, I have a lovely new editor to help me bring out the best in my next book – Bella Pearson, who worked on The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas – so I am in safe hands.

I’m also riding high on the fact that Red Winter will be published in the United States next year, and that I’ve received some great reviews for Red Winter. If you read my blog, you’ll know it was in The Times on Saturday 27th July, and then in The Sunday Times on 4th August but . . . well, they only went and put it in the ‘Must Reads’ section of The Sunday Times on 11th August as well! They called it a


‘ . . . gripping thriller with real depth of character.’


Uh-huh, that’s really what they said. It’s the kind of thing I could only dream about when I was a seventeen year old, scribbling angst-ridden stories onto A4 paper with the blunt stub of a well-used pencil. Who’d have thought I’d end up in The Sunday Times, ‘Must Reads’, eh?

Anyway, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will encourage a few people to pick up Red Winter and see what it’s all about, but of course, the loudspeakers in Danworld are all now broadcasting the same message . . .

 ‘don’t get smug; you’re gonna have to do even better for the next one.’




So, back to it, then. Back to the world of a young boy living in Germany in the Summer of 1941. I’ve even got a work-in-progress cover and it’s looking fantastic. I’d love to show it to you but, well, you know I can’t. You’ll just have to wait . . .


That’s all.









An Intense Red Winter

Red Winter Sunday Times ReviewJust a quick post to say how pleased I was to see two great reviews for Red Winter over the last week.

The Times reviewed it on saturday 27th July as having a

‘superbly shivery atmosphere’

and then, The Sunday Times reviewed it just yesterday with the very quotable

‘Smith has fashioned a story of page-turning intensity that simultaneously possesses real depth of characterisation.’

The Child Thief even gets a mention as being ‘one of last year’s most gripping historical thrillers’!

I am, as you can imagine, very pleased with both reviews and, should they encourage you to pick up Red Winter (or The Child Thief), then I hope you enjoy reading it/them. If you’ve already got them . . . well . . . thanks and . . . happy reading!


That’s all.