Big Game Poster Competition Winner

So, well done to everyone who sent me a photo of a BIG GAME movie poster. But there can only be one winner of the competition, so I put all the names in a hat, drew one out, and the winner is . . . David Watson! He posted this picture on Facebook, and so will receive a signed copy of the Big Game novel!

Dave Watson Big Game Bus


That’s all.

BIG GAME Hunting Competition! Win!

It has come to my attention that there have been sightings of BIG GAME movie posters around the country. They’ve been spotted running wild in cinema foyers, sunning themselves on the side of buses, slinking onto the London Underground to rest, and even appearing on the television!

The sightings of these wild posters are becoming more common, but we must capture and record them before they become rare or – terrible thought – extinct. As we know, wild posters of this nature often have their habitat overtaken by other, more aggressive posters, so it’s important that we don’t overlook this opportunity.

Here is my call to arms. Or, rather, call to camera.

I need your help to document these sightings, so if you see one, your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to photograph it! Snap that poster or capture that TV moment on camera and send it to me in one of the following ways:

Facebook (DanSmithAuthor) – ‘Like’ my page then DM, or put it on the comments for the post for this competition

Twitter (@DanSmithAuthor) – post the photo, follow and tag me

Instagram (DanSmithAuthor) – post the photo with the hashtag #biggamepostercomp, follow me, tag me, DM me

Email (through my website at

Blog – post it in the comments section right here!

But if you’re going to stalk and shoot the BIG GAME poster, you need some incentive, right? Well, here’s the reward. . .

Everyone who sends me a photo will have their name entered into a draw to win this copy of the UK movie-tie in edition of BIG GAME, with a hand-written dedicated to you, signed by me!

IMG_3216 So what are you waiting for? Big Game hunting never got any bigger!

Closing date: Sun 31st May 2015

Oh, and just to get the ball rolling, here’s a photo my editor took in London a few days ago . . .

FullSizeRender That’s all!

We Have A Winner!!


Last week I offered a signed copy of DARK HORIZONS to one lucky person who tweeted me the words ‘Show me paradise’ . . . and today we have a winner.

All fair ‘n’ square, it was – all the twitter @names were scribbled onto pieces of paper, scrumpled into little balls and dropped into a Mickey Mouse cup. It was then left to my daughter to pick a scrumpled ball at random and (ta-dah!) the winner is:-




So, well done and I’ll be getting in touch via twitter to find out where the book is to be sent.


That’s all.

For your Entertainment

I won’t keep you long . . . I just thought you might like to have a quick look at this short film I put together with help from my little people.

And remember; just tweet ‘show me paradise’ to @dansmithauthor to be in with a chance of winning a signed copy of the paperback of DARK HORIZONS.




That’s all