Who Is Ash McCarthy?

The thing about writing a book, is that it always feels as if I could work on it for a while longer. Maybe if I read it just one more time, I would find something else I could change, a few words I could rearrange, a sentence I could cut – or perhaps one I could add.

But there  comes a point when I have to let go – I have read the page proofs, made the final changes, and now it’s done. In fact, there’s really no turning back because it has been whisked away and is being printed and bound as I type! This is always both an exciting and a scary moment; it’s almost time for BOY X to go out into the world and meet its audience. And if it’s adventure you’re looking for then you’re definitley going to like this.

There’s a strange jungle island, and a remote black site research facility. There’s action, survival, and danger. There’s a race against time, with high stakes at risk. There are strong friendships, but there’s a touch of betrayal too. And there’s a mystery right at the heart of it . . . who is Ash McCarthy?


Boy X 1




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