Big Game is Big News!

Wow, it’s been a fantastic few days for the BIG GAME film!

If you’ve been looking at my Facebook updates, or following me on Twitter, you’ll have seen that the film had its first public showing at the Toronto International Film Festival last weekend.

Well, the audience loved it (of course) and were cheering by the end of the adventure, so that’s great news. Even better news is that the fantastic reception and all the gushing reviews have lead to a US distribution deal for the filmmakers.

All this, of course, is the best kind of publicity for both the film and the book which has been picked up now in over twenty countries and looks set for a January 2015 publication. Watch this space for updates!

Here are a few of the film reviews . . .

‘Big Game is clearly a winner.’

‘It is FUN with a capital F-U-N, and it is wildly commercial.’

‘Big fun that feels totally fresh.’

But you want to see something, right? You want to watch something. Well, Samuel L Jackson couldn’t be there for the showing because, well, he’ll tell it better than I ever could . . .



And here’s another little treat – the first official clip from the film . . .



That’s all!

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