Patron of Reading

por_logoI’m absolutely delighted that Kings Priory School in Tynemouth has invited me to be their Patron of Reading! What on earth is a ‘Patron of Reading?’ I hear you ask. Well, a Patron of Reading is a school’s special, designated children’s author with whom the school forms a personal attachment. The author might be a writer of fiction, a writer of non-fiction, a poet, a storyteller, a graphic novelist or an illustrator. They will work with the school for a period of approximately three years to raise the profile of reading for pleasure with pupils, parents and staff.

I visited Kings Priory just before Christmas last year, and returned home with the buzz that only comes from a great visit. The staff and students were all so welcoming and there was a lovely feel about the school. On top of all that was an obvious love of books, reading, and stories in general. So, of course, when I was asked to be their Patron of Reading, I jumped at the chance, and now look forward to visiting the school and getting involved in all things bookish!

Oh, and I hope you like the freshened-up look to my blog!


That’s all . . .


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