The Big Blog Tour!!

Blog TourThis month has already seen the UK publication of MY BROTHER’S SECRET and the US paperback publication of THE CHILD THIEF. But it’s not over yet . . . The next couple of months will be an exciting time as a few more Dan Smith novels emerge into daylight.

THE DARKEST HEART (UK hardback) 3rd July, RED WINTER (UK paperback)  3rd July, MY FRIEND THE ENEMY (US Hardback) 26th Aug, and LE VILLAGE (French edition of The Child Thief) 21st Aug.

But let’s not jump the gun. It’s now just three days until The Darkest Heart and Red Winter come out to play, so the fantastic Graeme Williams, Senior Marketing Exec at Orion towers, has organised a blog tour. For the next ten days, I’ll be popping up around the internet appearing on various booky blogs to talk about the two novels and the inspiration behind them. There’ll be extracts, a chance to win a copy of the books, and there’ll be music, tea, biscuits, murder, and monsters.

Today I’m talking about murder for $40 over at CRIME FICTION LOVER. Why not come and join me?




Blog Tour


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