Red Wine and Pringles

So, I was asked if I would go along to an academic reading group and pick a topic to discuss. Usually they do theories, and have what I’m guessing are rather clever conversations about very academic-y things. These are the kind of people who read academic journals ‘n’ stuff, so I wondered if I might be a little bit out of my depth. As it was, though, the lady who invited me suggested I bring something slightly different to the table – y’know, maybe talk about my own books, compare them to others and find some common ground that might be worth discussing.


An actual ‘rich and colourful tapestry’

So that’s what I did. I spent some time thinking about it and prepared a little presentation using Powerpoint (oh yeah, I have many skills). My idea was to talk about using setting as a character in a novel. My hope was that it would spark a discussion about whether or not setting can be a character.

Thing is, though, only two people turned up.

This is always the fear – that no one will come.  I once did an event when only one person turned up so, I suppose, I managed to double my audience this time around. And, on the plus side, the two people who did come along were very nice and it was great to talk to them.

Oh, and the red wine and Pringles went a lot further. Which was nice.

The time I spent preparing for it could, of course, have been better used on my new novel. Ah well, the world is a rich and colourful tapestry, eh?


That’s all.


4 thoughts on “Red Wine and Pringles

  1. Oh that old fear…I still get it, but it doesn’t have such a stranglehold on me these days. I have learned to accept that no matter what you use to threat……persuade people, they will come, or they won’t…and at least my authors get to see that even a godforsaken remote place like Hartlepool has a fab library… Though, i have to say, I would expect greater commitment from academics, especially when red wine and pringles are on offer!

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