Untold Riches!

Whoa! Time seems to be slipping past at quite a speed these past few weeks. I keep meaning to get on here and write something insightful and thought-provoking but, then, why start now, eh?

Well, I could tell you how things are going with My Brother’s Secret – y’know, talk about edits and how well the book is coming along under the expert guidance of the fab people at Chicken House. Or, I could say something about how a title change is in order for my next book for adults, and how the great team at Orion is busy preparing cover images and getting things ready for publication in the spring.

Or maybe I’ll just show you this . . .

Old Bank Junior School Letters

A giant pile of letters I received from the fantastic children at Old Bank Junior School.



Despite what some people might think, publishing a novel does not bring untold riches.

Nor, apparently, does publishing five novels.


Being an author is not a financially rewarding occupation and there are times when I (like many authors, I expect) can’t help wondering if I should be doing something else. But when I receive a pile of letters like this, it’s great to know that I might have inspired or entertained someone in some small way.

Or, at least, helped them avoid a maths lesson.


Here are a few snippets from those letters.








That’s all.


6 thoughts on “Untold Riches!

  1. Those letters are lovely! Although, bomb balloons? Hiding under tables? What have you been doing to those poor kids?! 🙂 And yeah, writing doesn’t bring you untold riches (darn it), but it sounds like you’re going to get plenty of free tea…

    • Well, I can’t give away my secrets about balloon bombs and hiding under tables . . . The letters are great, though, aren’t they? It was an unexpected surprise to receive them and they really did make my day. The children worked really hard on their letters and they were all so neat! Brilliant!

  2. Wonderful letters! Must have felt great to receive them. My Brother’s Secret, eh? I’ll be reading with interest … I always suspected Mike had one. He looks the sort. 😉

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