Crash Landing Next Week!

Like a beautiful butterfly emerging from its cocoon, so I have emerged from Danworld!

Well. Maybe not a beautiful butterfly. Perhaps more like a pit pony. Bleary-eyed and confused. But – and this is the important thing – I have emerged!

Actually I couldn’t have finished editing God and The Devil at a better time, because things are getting a little busy round here. Of course, there’s the usual end of term stuff to organise for the children; speech days and sports days and this day and that day, but there are other things too because . . .

My Friend The Enemy is published next week!


I’m very excited to be sending my first book for younger readers out into the world. It’s almost like being published for the first time all over again, and is made all the more fun by a number of impending school visits which have been lined up by my fantastic publicist. You see, this is one of the great things about writing books for children – I get to meet lots of the people who will be reading my book and what could be better than . . . oh . . . oh yeah . . . I hope they like it . . . I hope they . . .

Ach. It’ll be fine. What, me worry?

Anyway, I’ve had a few great reviews from bloggers and, well, I know it’s a bit crass to blow your own trumpet, but I’ve put some links at the bottom so you can read them if you fancy a look.

IMG_0728Oh, and there was a great review in First News – the newspaper for 7-14 yr olds. My daughter reads it every week and did a double take when she saw the review for My Friend The Enemy. It’s my first review from a genuine-honest-to-goodness-child, oh yes it is, so that makes it really special. Particularly as the reviewer – Maribel Ercilla – gave me 5 shiny stars out of 5!

And, last but not least, I’ve just been down to the BBC Studio to record an interview with Simon Logan for BBC Radio Newcastle, so if you want to hear me embarrass myself on air, tune in tomorrow between 12 and 4pm!

That’s all.

Reviews . . .

Mr Ripley’s Enchanted Books

The BookBag

Just A Lil’ Lost

Mis Afueras

Kate Ormand


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