MAMILs, Lycra and a Book Birthday!


We get a bit of sunshine and then . . . BAM! . . . MAMILs take over. They’re everywhere. You’ve seen them, travelling in small packs. You know who they are. Maybe you even ARE one.

Middle Aged Men in Lycra.






. . . words fail me . . .


Sorry about that. I was distracted for a moment. I just opened the curtains and there they were, zipping past like peacocks in their bright colours and gel padded shorts and . . . oh, for the love of all things good in this world, can’t someone please invent some kind of modesty  gear for these guys?


The Child Thief US edition

Anyway, what I actually wanted to say is that The Child Thief was officially released in the United States yesterday!

I was pleased to see it appear in the Los Angeles Times Summer Book Guide, and the New York Book Journal has given it a great review calling it a ‘ . . . straightforward, beautifully written thriller . . .’ And, Publisher’s Weekly says ‘From the arresting opening to the tense finale, Smith doesn’t hit a false note in this captivating tale of the power of the human spirit when pushed to the brink.’


So there it is –  a quick bit of self publicity which is, hopefully, not too vulgar. I mean, I could have shown you a picture of men in lycra and that would have been . . . oh. I did. Yeah. Sorry about that.



Thats all.







6 thoughts on “MAMILs, Lycra and a Book Birthday!

  1. Well, I’m sorry Dan, but I didn’t get past the pic so I have no idea what you said after that. I’m sure 2nd from left’s tackle looks like the face of a mass murderer tilted at an angle…? Or is that just my can of bitter shandy playing with my mind? ;o)

  2. Belated happy US book birthday to The Child Thief! As for the photo… is that really appropriate for a soon-to-be-published children’s author? Hmm? 😉

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