Proofs and Allsorts

Phew – it’s been a busy few weeks.

Page proofs for My Friend The Enemy? Check.

Page proofs for Red Winter? Check.

Sift Judging for writing competition? Check.

School visits? Check.

And now it’s time to get this next novel written.

I finished the first draft of my next children’s book just over a week ago. As usual, I came away from it in a bit of a daze, wondering what it was going to look like when I read through it. You see, there was something about it that just didn’t feel quite right. A blip that was niggling at me.  A character who needed more room to breathe, maybe, or an extra layer of the story that was trying to be noticed. Something . . . something . . .

Aha! That’s it! This morning I noticed it. There it was, staring me right in the face. A photograph that was hiding behind the others, just out of view. And now it feels like everything in the story connects in just the right way. It all clicks into place.

Which is nice.

And as if that wasn’t enough excitement for one week (I’m really spoiling you guys), I’m now part of a group of authors and illustrators of children’s and YA books. We’ll be blogging and sharing our  . . . well, our everything.

No, stop it. Not that.

Anyway, you can read all about us over at AuthorAllsorts and there’s a massive, bumper, huge, mahoosive giveaway of books – including a signed proof copy of My Friend The Enemy.

Oh yeah.





That’s all.




3 thoughts on “Proofs and Allsorts

  1. You have been a busy boy! Really glad you’ve solved the glitch in your book. I’m at that point at the end of one. Just can’t seem to find the answer, but it’ll be in there somewhere, and hopefully will present itself to me in the same way yours has. Hope you get chance to put your feet up and eat sweets for a bit.

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