Eating Death . . .

Death Eater.

I never quite understood that name. Death Bringer or Death Giver, maybe, but Death Eater? I mean, is ‘death’ edible? And if so, what does it taste like? And how would one go about getting hold of it? Is it very filling?Hogwarts

Yeah. That never made much sense to me. It’s a kick-ass name for a bunch of bad guys who wear intimidating robes and masks but . . . well, y’know, what does it really mean?

Anyway, I saw one. Actually, I saw a couple of them. I don’t think they were real ones but the costumes looked great and they were pretty handy with a wand – though they didn’t say much. More menacing than conversational.

I spotted them lurking in the shadows at the Harry Potter Studios, which a friend took us to see at the Statueweekend and . . . wow, what a cool place. It really highlights what a phenomenon the whole HP thing became and I can only imagine how it must feel to have your characters and your fictional world brought to that kind of life.

It’s fascinating to see the sets that were used for the filming of the series, and to get a sense of the trickery used to fool us into thinking that a handful of half-sized beds were a dormitory, or that a foam sculpture is a giant stone statue.

So I took a stroll along Diagon Alley, I peeked intoDeath Eaters Hagrid’s hut, took a test drive in a flying Ford Anglia, stood outside 4 Privet Drive, clung to the Knight Bus and stood in Dumbledore’s office like a naughty schoolboy. I even got to stand in the Great Hall and sneer at the Slytherin table – collection of psychos and wrongdoers that they are. And . . . oh, yeah, AND I shared a butter beer with the family. Just one, though, because it cost a fortune.

All in all, it was an excellent visit to a great attraction.

I didn’t see any death being eaten, though. Shame ’bout that.


That’s all.


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