First Class Chicken House

I had a great day with the chickens on Friday.



No, not that kind of chicken. The ones from Chicken House. Y’know, the publishers of my first book for younger readers. They’re not really chickens at all.



Booking early bagged me a first class train ticket for the way down – breakfast included, along with endless coffee refills and a reclining seat . . . which was nice. And then I hot-footed it over to the Soho Hotel in time for the Big Breakfast – a chance for Chicken House to introduce some of their new books to the world. I read a short excerpt from ‘My Friend The Enemy’ which will be published at the beginning of July, and had the chance to meet with authors, librarians, publishers, publicists, book sellers and . . . well, loads of people.

Gatherings like this always trickle a little dread down my spine, because I have a terrible memory for names and faces. Actually, that’s a lie. I have a terrible memory for everything.

Anyway, I managed to make it through without making a fool of myself (I think) and it was a great experience with loads of positive comments about the book which left me brimming with confidence and feeling very pleased with myself.

Had to slum it on the way back – y’know, in the standard class. That put me back in my place.

How about this, though? A first glimpse of the cover for My Friend The Enemy.

Looking awesome, dontcha think?

My Friend The Enemy


That’s all.



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