Red Winter Christmas Zombies

Forgive me. It has been almost three weeks since my last confession blog post.

The last few weeks have flashed by in a whirlwind of pre-Christmas . . . stuff. If you have children of a certain age, you’ll know what I mean. Christmas plays, carol concerts, music concerts, more carol concerts. And when you have TWO children of a certain age, the whole thing is doubled. Oh, and I have my wife to thank for volunteering me for a church reading, and then I edited my second children’s novel and sent it in for approval (finger-crossed for that one), and I received an editorial for my next adult book (no, not ‘adult‘ book, potty mind) and researching my next book and  . . .


Well the good news is that the church reading didn’t end in me being struck down or turned into a pillar of salt as I had expected. I think I just about scraped through that one, but it might have been a close call.

PEZs – Post Editorial Zombies.

As for the editorial, well, it was a lot more detailed than I had expected, and needed to be completed in record time, so I stuck my head down, ignored my family and worked through from 5am to 9pm for ten days to complete it. I was, pretty much, a zombie by the time it was done but anyone who’s ever read my blog knows I have a soft spot for Zombies (and who doesn’t?), so maybe that’s no bad thing. And, just in time for the end of the world, too, eh?

Though, I’m not certain the Mayans foresaw a zombie apocalypse.

Anyway, the final result of the marathon edit session is a near final version of RED WINTER which will be published in July. It seems that everything about this book has been hard work but it’s shaping up really well and I think you’re going to like it. Oh, and don’t forget what Samuel Johnson said – I mean, how COULD you forget what he said, right?

‘What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure.’

So there.

On top of all that I’ve just seen some preliminary designs for the cover of my children’s novel (out in July, too!), and it’s looking great. Bold, colourful and exciting. I can’t wait to see the final version and share it with the world.

And that’s that. I’m done.

I hope you have an awesome Christmas, whatever you’re doing, and I’ll see you all when normality returns.


That’s all.



7 thoughts on “Red Winter Christmas Zombies

  1. Hee hee! Chuckled as I read this, Dan – you clearly have *post edit hyper/exhausted/ramble syndrome*… I know it well! Well done on getting them done, and on the churchy speaky thing, AND on not meeting, liaising or turning into a zombie. Now sit down and have a beer! Cheers!

  2. Wow, sounds like you’ve been super-busy. Hope your minions, er, I mean your family are going to wait on you hand and foot over Christmas. And did I mention that I’m VERY excited about RED WINTER? ‘Cause I am! Can’t wait to see your cover for THE SOUVENIR, either. Happy Christmas, Dan!

    • Hi Emma – I’m not so sure about being waited on hand and foot, but I’ll put in a request . . . RED WINTER is gonna be a good ‘un but you’re going to have to wait until July for it, which is a shame but y’never know, there might be a few proof copies available. Oh, and THE SOUVENIR isn’g going to be called that anymore, but it’s still the same story and the same words behind that explosive cover. All will be revealed in due course. Fab new cover for ACID, by the way.

      • Proof copies? Ooh! *flutters eyelashes* (Only if you have a spare, though!) Can’t wait to see the new title for the children’s book either, and really glad you like ACID’s cover – I’m totally thrilled with it!

  3. I feel for you re Christmas preparation. We’ve had our tree up since October! (My blog post Do They Know It’s Christmas is all about experiencing the anticipation of Christmas for an entire quarter of the year) Have a wonderful one. And rest up. We’re all looking forward to the followup from The Child Thief and whatever else you’ve got in the pipeline.

    • Hi Cathy – Wow, you really have been anticipating Christmas! I used to work for a company that designed and installed huge scale Christmas decoration schemes and by the time December came around I’d had enough of the songs and trappings, but now it’s all much calmer. Phew. Have a fantastic Christmas!

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