Fire and ACID

You know that expression about frying pans and fires? Yeah. That one. Well, I might have some first hand knowledge about that.

If you read my blog, you’ll know that I went into my son’s school to talk to a group of 6 and 7 year old boys about WW2. That was the frying pan. A kind of baptism of fire.

So this week I stepped into the fire. I went to my daughter’s school to talk to a class of 11 year old

My great-aunt the ack-ack gunner!

My great-aunt the ack-ack gunner – that’s her on the far left!

girls about . . . well, about evacuees and air raids during WW2.

I should point out that I’m not an expert when it comes to WW2. My visits were writing related – my children’s book (due out July 2013) is set in June 1941. With that in mind, I centred everything around the research I did, and then I ended with a sneak preview of the book by reading a few pages to them.

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been just a little apprehensive about how the girls would react but, y’know, it was actually great fun. There were loads of fantastic questions – as well as some totally random ones that took me by surprise – and I’m beginning to perfect a strategy for answering questions to which, well, to which I don’t know the answer. Turns out the best thing is to say . . .

‘I don’t know.’

The air raid went down well (everyone hiding under the desks while the bombs rained down), the balloon bomb demonstration was a hit and . . . I had the barley sugars for back up.

So what did I learn? Umm, well, apparently girls are just as interested in bombs and bombings and explosions as boys are. Go figure.

In other news . . . ACID

I don’t do reviews on my blog. There are lots of reasons why I don’t but . . . (and you knew there was a ‘but’ coming, right?) . . . but I’m going to mention a book I’ve just finished reading. I’ll declare, right up front, that ACID is written by someone I know via Twitter, and it’s a YA book –  a genre I know little about – so I started reading it with some trepidation. I really wanted to enjoy it. I was worried that I wouldn’t.

As it happens, there were no grounds for my fears. ACID was a great read and I expect (and hope) it will do very well when it comes out in April next year. Keep your eyes open for it.

There’s an exciting and intriguing opening, lots of action, plenty of twists to keep you guessing, a dystopian future and a kick-ass heroine in Jenna Strong. So . . . Katniss Everdeen had better grab her bow, nock another arrow and prepare for a fight. She has a challenger.


That’s all.


5 thoughts on “Fire and ACID

  1. I would have loved your talk too, Dan. Apparently, as a wee girl, I asked my bro if I could swap my Xmas doll’s pram for his Xmas wheel barrow – we swapped, and my dolls got transported around the garden along with any muck and leaves I could gather… so girls and bombs and stuff – definitely! Glad it went well.

    • You’re welcome – I really enjoyed reading it. And I’m sorry to hear about The Hound. I know what a big part of your life he was. He’ll be in the place where all good dogs go, sporting that Terry Thomas moustache and winking at all the lady dogs . . .

      • Thanks, Dan. He definitely will be! And nicking everyone’s food, and cocking his leg where he shouldn’t, and stealing the most comfortable spot on the bed/sofa, and chasing ALL the squirrels and cats and rabbits… 🙂

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