Next . . . The WORLD!!

So here’s a bit of news.


Next year there will be two new Dan Smith novels on the shelves.


There will be one for the adults – a book to shred your nerves in the way that THE CHILD THIEF did – and there will be one for children.


And you’re going to love both of them.


If you’ve read my blog in the past month or so, you’ll have seen me mention that I’d had an offer on my first children’s book . . . well, I’ve now signed on the line so I don’t suppose it’ll do any harm to tell you something about it. Not too much, you understand. I wouldn’t want to over-stimulate you. I don’t want your pulse to raise too much. I don’t want to get that blood pressure up and . . . anyway, you get the idea.




So, now you’ve calmed yourself . . . read on.


Chicken House will be publishing THE SOUVENIR next summer. They’re a great publisher with a  fantastic reputation, they have a good eye for special stories (natch) and I’m very excited to be working with them. THE SOUVENIR is set in a small coastal village in Northumberland in the summer of 1941 and there’s adventure afoot, so strap yourself down and prepare to be both thrilled and moved. There’s invasion preparations, plane crashes, deceit, friendship, fun, frights, explosions, danger and, of course, a little heartbreak.


And I can’t wait.


In other news, THE CHILD THIEF has now sold to a French publisher so, next year, it will appear in France as well as the USA.


Next . . . the WORLD, mwahahahahahahaha.


That’s all.


5 thoughts on “Next . . . The WORLD!!

  1. Aw! So pleased for you, Dan. Chicken House publish lovely books so well done you. What age is the children’s book aimed at?.. thinking of my two – 10 and 13 and whether it’ll be in their age range.

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