A Whole Week of AWESOME!

The past week has been full of great surprises. The first was when I returned home from holiday to find the fish tank look-ing-goooood. Yup, all fish present and correct. The water is crystal clear and not even a single casualty over the course of the week. Bet that wouldn’t have happened if it had been a puppy left at home for a week on its own. Or a kitten. Nope.




But that’s not the best of it. Oh, no. Not at all. There’s also the feature in North East Lifestyle. Not only did they give The Child Thief a great review, but they also printed an interview and, on the contents page I’m right there with Johnny Rotten and Will Smith. If you’d told me, when I was a teenager, that I would be on the same contents page as Johnny Rotten, I . . . well . . . I  . . . I would have probably sworn. Or spat. Or something.

AWESOME review/feature!



But it gets better. It was my birthday a week ago. Yeah, yeah – older, wiser, greyer, more stooped, more weary ‘n’ all that, but that’s nothing to get too excited about. But my brother sent me an unexpected present which is something to get excited about. Man in a Van delivered a pristine white box containing . . . well, see for yourself.


AWESOME present from AWESOME Brother!



And, as if that isn’t enough to be getting on with, there’s the other news. I’ve had an offer from a great publisher for my children’s book which will be published next summer! (More news about this will follow.)


AWESOME offer!



So . . . most awesome week ever?




That’s all.


12 thoughts on “A Whole Week of AWESOME!

  1. Oh My God!!! I am so excited for you! Mostly, I have to admit, because you were on the same page as Johnny Rotten – that is epicness of all proportions!! And also very excited about your children’s book – this may actually keep me awake at night as I do get a tad excited about kids’ books, especially as it’s a new area for you so am gagging to find out more! You may find yourself being pestered!

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