Immensely Appealing

I had another ‘five things you thought you knew . . .’ post all lined up for today but I’ve been so busy rounding out the first draft of my new novel that . . . well, I just haven’t done it. I have no other excuse. The dog didn’t eat it. I wasn’t late for the bus and my alarm clock did go off. So, sorry about that; I’ll have to post it on another day soon. I was just too darned busy writing another book.

In the meantime, there’s a little bit of excitment with another fantastic review for The Child Thief i this time in BBC History Magazine. And they even included a lovely painting of a Ukrainian village in winter by Ukrainian artist Petro Levchenko.

Funny; when I was writing The Child Thief, I didn’t think of it as a historical novel – to me it’s more of a thriller with a historical back-drop but, call it what you will, I’m very excited about all the great reviews.


‘a terrific book with an orignal setting and a protagonist whose everyday heroism and resourcefulness are immensely appealing.’






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