Highest Quality

Just a quickie . . .

The Irish Independent reviewed The Child Thief on 2nd June and called it

‘a pursuit thriller of the highest quality’

Well, you can’t ask for better than that, can you?

Also . . . both major booksellers in New Zealand (Whitcoulls and Paperplus) have chosen The Child Thief for special recommendation on their websites. And . . .Hachette New Zealand has included it on their Publisher’s Promise promotion which means readers who don’t like the book can get their money back.

That’s all.


6 thoughts on “Highest Quality

    • Oh, I think I’ve got a long way to go before James Patterson needs to start looking over his shoulder. What with his writing partners, the guy is a writing FACTORY. And as far as the injury is concerned . . . I’m more worried about my netbook not working properly. 😦

      • Yikes. Did you try it yet? I dropped my laptop on a slate floor once – huge dint in the side, bent the top of the screen – and it was fine. Not sure how tough netbooks are though. :/

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