Launch Day!

Heading through town towards Waterstones last night, seeing the queues building up in Eldon Square, I was beginning to think the book shop would struggle with the additional footfall caused by the launch of The Child Thief . . . only to discover that Fenwick’s was having a 20% off sale.

So, it turns out, I’m not Lee Child yet.


Unfortunately the rush to buy handbags and other such goodies seemed to cause all kinds of problems with parking, so I’m sorry if people missed my reading but thanks to you all for making the effort to come and celebrate with Carolyn and me.

New Writing North and Waterstones organised a fantastic event and now The Child Thief is well and truly launched. And it was great to see so many people there – I only wish I could have spent more time with you all.



That’s all.


10 thoughts on “Launch Day!

  1. Woohooo! Really glad it went so well, despite the Fenwicks shananigans. At least you weren’t crushed by millions of stilletos in a bid to find matching handbags (I wasn’t there, honest!) ;o)

  2. Hurrah! Really glad it went well, Dan. And I can’t help wondering why the photo’s cut off at the knees… are you *sure* you don’t have a handbag and matching pair of stilettos just out of shot? 😉

  3. I wondered why you seemed so tall! No, am quite sure had he been wearing stilettos Mari Hannah would have captured them on film…or whatever the digital equivalent of that is these day! 😉

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