It’s Coming . . .

We took the children to see The Avengers yesterday. They didn’t know we were going – we told them it was just a shopping trip into town and they were prepared for . . . bore-RING! But, instead they got the chance to see all those super heroes doing super stuff. The film was great and they spent the rest of the day being Iron Man/Black Widow/Hawk-Eye, which was loud and untidy but, well, you’re only young once, eh?

Anyway, not to be outdone, I had the impulse to get the istopmotion app out again and . . . well, it’s amazing what you can do these days with a phone and an ipad. I remember in days of yore, when my brother and I would spend hours typing code from a magazine into the ZX Spectrum so we could play the game that was advertised with an AWESOME picture of space rockets and aliens blowing each other up. After days of resolving ‘Syntax error in line XX’ problems, we might eventually get the rather crappy game to work and be thoroughly  disappointed that our efforts bore such dull fruit. But now? Well, everything works better now, doesn’t it?

But I’m digressing – this is not a game; this is a little stop motion film I was messing about with last night, using my first author copy of The Child Thief. Not Joss Whedon or James Cameron, I know, but, hey, those guys had budgets. And, besides. I kinda like the rough ‘n’ ready style.



Oh. And as if that isn’t enough, the postman brought a big box this afternoon, and guess what was inside?


That’s all.


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