Stop Motion and US Publishers!

OK, so I’m no film maker.

I can’t draw either.

I’m not even all that good at cutting out paper ‘n’ stuff. But . . . and you knew there’d be a ‘but’, didn’t you? . . . but I was messing about with istopmotion and thought ‘hey, I could do a thing with paper cut-outs and make it look like the manuscript for The Child Thief has come to life and it’ll be AMAZING!

Well, all right, maybe it’s not amazing. In fact it’s a bit crude, but I had fun putting it together and there’s a catchy tune, so if you’ve got a minute and 13 seconds to spare, you might want to have a little look at my modest attempt at stop motion with paper cut outs.

Oh yeah, and there’s this little bit of news about AN OFFER FROM A US PUBLISHER, which is nice. I’ll tell you all about it later, once everything’s confirmed, but Orion has been busy pushing my book on foreign publishers, so a bite from the US is great news. And there should be printed finished copies of THE CHILD THIEF in time for the London Book Fair next month to tempt further offers.


That’s all.



8 thoughts on “Stop Motion and US Publishers!

  1. A bit crude? It’s flippin’ brilliant! I love the trees popping up out of the MS and the figure with the sledge. And CONGRATULATIONS on your offer from a US publisher. Can’t wait to find out more!

  2. Oh I love that!!! You clever man you… can I request your services for Buttercup Magic? I’m sure you can rustle up a paper retriever, a black cat and half a dozen mice out of paper… non? Fab news on the US publisher… I’ll have a piece of that too please Mr Dan. Congrats!!! ;o)

  3. Really impressive, Dan! The Orion marketing tea could learn a thing or two.

    I’ll have to pop by the Hachette/Orion stall at LBF to see if there are any advance copies of Child Thief.

    • Hey, Mark – I’ve been told they should have printed copies by then so you might get lucky. And I’m hoping that selling US rights will give them ammunition to give The Child Thief an extra good push at the fair . . .

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