Time to Celebrate!!

Close your eyes and imagine trumpeters. Rows and rows of them, lifting their trumpets high and blasting a fanfare.

Imagine fireworks. Thunderous, brilliant fireworks. Whizzing, banging, screaming, bursting. Showers of all colours.

Imagine champage glasses overflowing with bubbles.

Ticker tape, party streamers, colourful hats, people celebrating in the streets. Dancing.

All that you just imagined? That’s for the paperback publication of DARK HORIZONS, that is.

Oh yes. Today’s the day, so you’d better get out there quick. Get down to your local bookstore, fire up the computer, get online. Avoid disappointment.

Actually, this is where it gets a bit confusing, because DARK HORIZONS has been out for a while in hardback and in trade paperback. But now it’s available in the smaller format paperback. Y’know, a normal paperback. For the life of me I don’t know why the likes of Amazon can’t make this distinction. Otherwise people will look at the ‘paperback’ of DARK HORIZONS and say:

‘Ooh, that’s a bit pricey at £10.99’

But NO! Stop right there. What you’ve been looking at is the large format paperback. Come back. Sit down. Have another look.

The normal paperback is a mere £8.99 (£5.75 on Amazon.co.uk).

So waddayawaitingfor?

DARK HORIZONS. Out now in Phoenix paperback.

That’s all.

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