Be vigilant . . . it’s coming.

The unbound page proofs have arrived. It’s not much to look at – just a pile of papers. No pretty cover, like the book proofs, but this is it. The final stage.

No going back.

So I’m going to submerge myself in the harsh world of THE CHILD THIEF one last time. I’m going to scour those pages for errors while, somewhere across the country, a proof-reader will be doing the same. And then it’s ready for printing; ready for you to read.

Be vigilant. The Child Thief is coming. And I think you’re going to like it.


That’s all.





9 thoughts on “Be vigilant . . . it’s coming.

  1. Wow, it’s coming up fast, isn’t it? Can’t wait to read it. If it’s anything as good as the last two books (which I’m sure it will be!), it’s going to be a corker…

    • Aww, shucks, you’ll make me all embarrassed. Actually, my editor reckons this is the best one so far – but all three books are quite different so . . .

      Oh, and I notice Amazon already has a listing up for my next, next book (out next year!). See if you can spot it.

  2. Bloody hell, you’re turning out to be quite the prolific author, Dan! (Stephen King has nothing on you.) And that’s not a complaint, I’ve only just got over the cold turkey of withdrawal symptoms after finishing Dark Horizons last year.

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