Can you smell that?

Can you smell that? Can you feel it? That’s normality, that is. It’s creeping back, tapping at the window, hooking its fingers round the door, sliding up behind you.


The end of the year always takes on a strange life of its own. All that time off. The children away from school. Eating and drinking things you wouldn’t normally indulge in, at times you wouldn’t usually consider, and in quantities that . . . well, you know all about that, right? You know the last week of December and the first few days of January exist in a weird, hazy bubble. You’ve just been there. You survived it.

But now the bubble has burst and normality has returned with a grin. And it’s staying. It’s not going anywhere.

I could give you a run down of my 2011, but I’m not going to. I could even give you a run down of my hopes and dreams for 2012, but you don’t want to hear about that, do you? You’ve got enough of your own.

So all I’ll say is that I hope you have a good year. I wish all kinds of luck on you and yours  – and we’ll talk later; when things are more settled.

That’s all.


5 thoughts on “Can you smell that?

  1. Yes, normality does smell good… though not quite as good as mince pies warming in the over… come on, admit it! Happy 2012 to you too and lots of luck with the book and subsequent others.

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