Have a good’un

Having finished the first draft of a new novel, I’ve spent this week entertaining and being entertained by the children. We’ve watched a couple of films, been to the panto (thanks to Mum and Dad for that treat), played some games (including the mind-numbing Monopoly), we’ve made stuff, messed stuff up, ignored each other and . . . well, isn’t that enough? The main thing is that we’ve managed to get along just fine. So far.

Right then, we’re about to hit Christmas head-on, so it’s time to brace yourself for all that merry-making and I won’t keep you any longer. Have a great Christmas!

Oh yeah, and ‘Happy New Year’, too!

That’s all.



4 thoughts on “Have a good’un

  1. You see, THIS is what Christmas is all about, good times with the kids, punctuated with twiglets and mince pies of course (which you failed to mention!) The secret to Monopoly, as a parent, is to buy all the duff stuff (Old Kent road etc) let the kids get all the good stuff (Park Lane etc) and make sure they win AS QUICKLY AS IS HUMANLY POSSIBLE! Have a fantabulous Christmas Dan and a very happy 2012.

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