Fairy Dust, Gods and Small animals

Two more days before Dark Horizons is published. Two. More. Days. It’ll be my second publication, and it’s already getting a few good reviews, but you can’t just write and sit back. No, no. You see, writing isn’t just writing. Writing is also about trying to let people know about your book and then trying to get them to read it. The ‘P’ word. PROMOTION. And that’s difficult because there are so many books published every year that a writer has to work hard to make sure theirs doesn’t get lost in the maelstrom of words and reviews and book covers.

So, against all these odds, how does a book become successful? Well, I suppose having a good idea and being able to write is a good start, but after that . . . I don’t know. A sprinkle of fairy dust? A prayer to the writing gods? The sacrifice of a small animal?

Perhaps all of those things.

Anyway, I’m getting a great boost from Read Regional which is promoting Dry Season and Dark Horizons around the North East, and I have a number of library visits already planned. I’ve also just arranged to sign books in Waterstone’s Newcastle and Morpeth on 18th June – the day before Father’s Day, so it could be a good opportunity for gift hunters. And, of course, there’s the exciting news of the new contract and another two books lined up for the future.

Right then, I’m off to the pet shop. What d’you reckon? Hamster or guinea pig?



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