Reading, Running and Aching

The Hexham Book Festival starts this week – so for anyone who lives in the region and is interested in reading/books, there might be something for you. Check out the program on their website to see what’s coming up. I’ll be there on Saturday for the Read Regional launch hosted by New Writing North, the organisation which does a great job of promoting and nurturing north-east writing talent.  I’ll also be at the festival on Tuesday 10th May to do a reading in the Robinson-Gay Gallery (details here). I’ll be reading from Dry Season and Dark Horizons and Graham Pears will be reading from his novel ‘A Time for Justice.’

Mind you, if you come along on Tuesday and think I look like I’m in pain, then it’s because my daughter and I are running the 5 mile NECCR run on Sunday. We’ve raised almost £150 for children’s cancer research so we HAVE to run it now, there’s no backing out of it. I’m hoping these old joints and bones aren’t going to let me down.

Should you feel the urge to sponsor us, we have a justgiving page that makes it all very easy and pain free – compared to the actual run, anyway.


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