Website Updated – Competition Included!

I’ve just finished updating my website and now it’s live. Well, I say ‘just finished’ but I actually finished it a while ago – I’ve been testing and checking and testing and checking. However, despite all that, there are bound to be a few problems with it. Something won’t work as it’s supposed to. It’s the law.

Anyway, there are a few details about Dark Horizons on there now, and there are some new photos to look at. There’s even a competition to win a signed copy of Dark Horizons. All you have to do is send in a photo of you with your copy of Dry Season (I know, it’s a shameless attempt to make you go out and buy the first book) and send it to me at the email address posted on the competition page. Hey, it could be worth your while. These days photos are quick and easy and a good one could bag you a signed hardback that’s worth close to £20.

Enter the competition

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