World Book Day / Dry Season Day!

It’s world book day today and my son’s school is having a day for comic book and cartoon characters – he’s only five, so anything too literary might be inappropriate. After all, it’s about having fun, right? Anyway, he scooted to school this morning as . . . Tintin. Oh yeah. Blue jumper, white shirt, brown trousers tucked into his socks, quiffed hair and a small dog (not real). Actually he looked great, and he’ll give those Spiderman upstarts a run for their money.

Also, in celebration of World Book Day (naturally) Dry Season is published in paperback today. It’s not a coincidence, no, not at all.  So, be prepared for the world to seem like a different place. has even listed Dry Season as one of its featured books of the month under ‘Debut Books’ which is very exciting. Hopefully a lot of people will see it and maybe a few will even give it a try.

Oh, go on, buy a copy, it’s great.



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