Phew, survived the half-term trip south of the border. We gathered our passports, had our innoculations and headed down to Laaand’n mate. It’s always a little overwhelming for us northerners to see all those motor cars and marvel at your fresh running water but . . . well, we got by. Staying with friends and family close to the metropolis was great, and we even ventured into the land of tall buildings and commerce to visit the Doctor Who Experience. 3D films, cracks in time, being attacked by daleks, controlling the tardis . . . the children would have loved it!

Only kidding, the children were there. Somewhere.

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2 thoughts on “Laaaand’n

  1. This is what happens when I neglect to read your blog for a few weeks! Sorry to have missed you dahn in Lahn-dn! 😉 Give us a call next time so we can catch up over a coffee (and so I can get my copy of Dry Season signed!).

  2. Actually, we weren’t in London for that long, so it probably would’ve been hard to organise. We might come down for a few days in the summer, though, so I’ll let you know. Just keep your cats away from me – I’ve heard all about what deviants they are.

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