Beat it into submission

DARK HORIZONS page proofs read, checked and in the bag. Hey, I even managed to get through without making too many changes. Just a few touches here and there. So it’s looking good for publication May 26th.

DRY SEASON is out in paperback on 3rd March, so that’s not long either. Conincidentally it’s World Book Day on that day – or maybe it’s no coincidence? Maybe it’s some kind of karma? Y’never know.

And, on top of all that, I’ve finished reading through the draft of another novel. Phew. It still needs tweaking here and there but it’s coming on strong! Maybe it’s time to put it down and walk away. I’ll circle it for a while, pace back and forth, watch it from the corner of my eye, but I reckon its best left alone for a spell. I’ll let it rest before I go at it again with a fresh attack. These novels, you know, sometimes you have to beat them into submission or they’ll make you mad.


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