I’m not buying it.

Seems like there’s always someone trying to sell me something. If the phone rings during the day, it’s usually a ‘courtesy call’ from somebody offering me some kind of insurance. Or maybe it’s an energy supplier telling me their energy is the cheapest – but, God knows, they’ll put it up the second I switch. If the doorbell rings, it’s someone touting double-glazing or some kind of protective seal for my roof tiles. Perhaps a young offender with a bag of cleaning products.There’re the Kleeneze people, the energy suppliers, the people selling pizza cards, the people selling curry cards, the people who trim hedges, the people who cut trees, people selling gym membership, the Jehova’s Witnesses, all of them trying to sell me something I don’t want and am not going to buy.

And then I turn on the telly and what do I get? David Cameron trying to peddle his ‘Big Society‘ con. Slash and burn. Pay more, work more, get less. . .

Well, I’m not buying that either.

Everything’s pay more, get less, and his idea is no different.

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