DRY SEASON Explained

Well, no, not explained. There isn’t a hidden meaning. This isn’t ‘Inception‘, you know.

Actually, what I’ve done is listen to what one or two people have said. (Yep. Tell my wife will you? I DO listen. Sometimes.)

Anyway, when I’ve been talking to reading groups, a number of people have suggested that it might be an idea to have a glossary in DRY SEASON. The novel is set in Brazil, and so there are one or two words that are either in Portugese or are specific to Brazilian culture. I’ve tried to make the explanations as clear as possible from the context, but sometimes it’s good to have a bit more background. So, I’ve added a page to my website that tackles some of those words, and for some of the cultural references I’ve added photos and links to places where you can find more information if you so wish. If you want to know more about ‘mula sem cabeca‘ you’ll know just where to go to get started! It’s not as handy as having it in the back of the book, but you can’t have photos and weblinks in the book, can you?

And, if there’s anything else that’s not clear, let me know. Aaaaand, this is where I get all the messages telling me I’m wrong.

So there you go. Don’t say I don’t listen.


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