Still baffled

Wow, we’re running at 300 hits on the pies now. Odd.


2 thoughts on “Still baffled

  1. OK, so I’m thinking maybe it has something to do with the whole Sky Sports Andy Gray sexism fracas? There’s a football website called Who Ate All The Pies, which also ran an article on the Keys/Gray rumpus. So maybe some people are looking form “football” “pies” and errrr “sexism”?

    OK, it’s a long shot.

  2. Good theory, but the spike in visits came before the Andy Gray thing. Maybe there’s some kind of time lag between my blog and reality? I’ve just watched Inception and I know people like to have theories about these things, so maybe that’s it? Or maybe there’s just been a sudden interest in meat pies? Either way, I’m still getting traffic on that post, and I’m hoping that the cover of DRY SEASON is going to work its way into people’s subconscious. *whispers* buy dry season, buy dry season, buy, buy, buy, dry seasondryseasondryseason.

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