If you build it, he will come . . .

Or, ‘If you write it, someone will eventually read it.’ And so it is.

I received my PLR statement yesterday. ‘Oh,’ I hear you say. ‘Your PLR statement. Right.’

OK, good point.

Well, if you don’t know, Public Lending Right is the scheme that pays authors for the number of times their book(s) is borrowed from libraries across the UK. So, the government makes a pot of money available, all the loans are recorded and the money is handed out accordingly. There’s a cap on how much an author can receive – to stop the massively popular ones from scoffing the pot – and, like eveything else, the govt. is cutting it all back. This year, the rate amounts to the rather small amount of 6.25 pence per loan, but, well, ya know.

Anyway, the reason why this is exciting for me is that 1) it’s the first time around for me and 2) the statement tells me how many times my debut novel DRY SEASON has been borrowed from UK libraries. And you know what? It’s not too embarrassing for a new author who nobody’s really heard of. Yet.

So, combining the PLR and my first royalty statement (which was almost six months ago) I can reassure myself that already – no paperback yet, remember –  thousands of people have read DRY SEASON.



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