Routine and Radio (with a splash of True Blood)

So, everything’s pretty much back to normal now. Work has returned to the ‘before Christmas’ rate and the children are back at school. Routine has been restored to all things in our household. And that, as routine dictates, means that our radio alarm goes off just before 7am so that we can hear the news.

Now, I know that Radio 1 isn’t the best station for news (unless you’re fifteen and worried about Lady Gaga’s new outfit), but that’s what we’re tuned to, so that’s the news we get. Or don’t get, as it happens. I mean, the least they could do is actually have the news on time. But no. Not the bearded, overweight DJ. And by that, I don’t mean Dave Lee Travis (showing my age). No, I mean, of course, Chris Moyles. See, Moyles is too busy chatting with his mates to worry about news. He’s too  busy listening to the sound of his own voice – as if they’re ‘down the pub’ gassing about . . . well, about nothing, really. He’s usually organising a night out or talking about the famous people he knows or how special he is. Loudly. Monotonously. Tediously.

I have no idea why he’s still on there. He seems to have been on the breakfast show for an eternity, clinging on like he’s never going to let go. Most DJs have stepped aside by the time they’ve been there this long, but not Moyles. I wouldn’t care except that he never lets the news come on at the right time. Ach. Well. Guess I’m gonna have to break the routine. I’ll have to  get the instructions out and work out how to retune the radio station, see who else is on offer.

Rant over.

On a happier note, season 3 of True Blood starts tonight – sookie is mine ‘n’ all that – so that should be fun. Bit of a cliffhanger at the end of Season 2 and it looks like Sookie is going to run to Eric for help. Oops, I smell trouble.

At this point I could have given you a pic of Moyles next to Dave Lee Travis with some kind of lovechild caption, but it’s Friday and no one needs to see something like that right before the weekend. It just wouldn’t be right. Instead, I thought you’d prefer the super-sexy cast of True Blood.

Thank me later.


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