Go Away!

Right, that’s enough snow, thanks. We don’t need anymore and we don’t want any more. I’m getting sick of clearing the drive and I’m running out of places to pile the stuff. Go away now.

And on Monday I’m talking to a reading group at Washington library and I’m wondering if anyone is going to turn up. It’s happened before y’know. A dark Monday night, torrential rain, Dan giving a talk. How many people turned up? One. Actually, he was a nice guy – Graham –  but that doesn’t detract from the fact that he was the only person who turned up.


I bet that doesn’t happen to Dan Brown.


4 thoughts on “Go Away!

  1. While at Uni I once played a gig at midnight on a Wednesday night in what was then the George Robey in Finsbury Park. There were three people. It was a very humbling experience.

    • ‘Doh!’ *slaps forehead* Yeah, I bet it was humbling. Do you still play? Actually, for me it wasn’t quite as bad as there being just one person – there were about twenty if you include the other people who were doing bits and pieces, but there’s no getting away from the fact that only one turned up. I was surprised, though, at how little it bothered me. It was a pretty surreal evening, and a few bizarre things happened. I felt for a moment as if I’d stepped into Royston Vasey. But that’s another story . . .

      • Ha ha, was your one turn-up a no-tail? The others were probably kidnapped by Tubbs and Edward. 🙂

        I stopped playing round about the time I had kids, but have recently picked it up again. Just playing acoustic at the moment, and Max is having guitar lessons which is good to practice together.

        But I figure if I hang around Matt every couple of months I might just make do by absorbing some of his guitar technique by osmosis or something.

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