There might be snow

Well, they said we might get a bit of snow . . . they say that, don’t they? After the whole 1987 hurricane in Kent fiasco, they always hedge their bets. There might be snow. There’s a chance of rain. There could be gusty winds. There’s a possibility of snow.

Well, snow we have. And lots of it. Which is working well for me, actually, because the novel I’m writing at the moment is snowbound and rather than have to turn inwards and go to what my wife calls Danworld, I can just look out of the window and get all the inspiration I need. It’s beautiful. The fresh white fall.

Here’s a few pics I’ve just snapped in the garden if you’re interested. If you’re not, well, look away now.

Incidentally, I was in Kent in 1987 when the hurricane struck and I can remember lying in bed listening to the tiles being lifted from the roof of my boarding house. The following morning we had to go to breakfast in shifts because half of the school dining hall was unusable. I seem to remember that a tree had fallen through it, but I could be wrong. If any of my old school friends are reading this, I’m sure they’ll confirm or refute.

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2 thoughts on “There might be snow

  1. Great photos Dan. I did think of you guys up there watching the news last night. Dahn sarf in Lahndahn we ain’t got none of the white stuff yet.

    I think you remember correctly about the tree in the dining hall. I seem to recall leaves and twigs everywhere, which actually may have improved the muesli somewhat: fruits of the forest floor.

    But what’s this about a boarding house? Makes it sound like an 18th century institution for paupers… which would be half right, I suppose! 😉

    • Mark! It’s always fantastic to hear from my old school friends on here. But, yeah, boarding house. Wouldn’t know what else to call it, really. And that got me thinking – what image does ‘boarding house’ conjure? Is it Mrs. Miggins’ establishment for waifs? Is it Mallory Towers’ midnight feasts and jolly japes? Is it Hogwarts with its moving staircases and secret rooms? Is it Oliver twist? Or is it ‘If . . .’

      Do you remember how they used to screen films for us sometimes on a Saturday in the gym? They played ‘If . . .’ one time and I still can’t understand why. It’s a film in which the boarding school pupils break into the armoury and start shooting the teachers with bren guns. I reckon the sixth formers chose that one.

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