Don’t peak too soon

Well, he didn’t disappoint last night, did he? Baggs. Baggsy. The Brand. He’s kept his head down for the past few weeks but last night he leapt up and ran across no man’s land naked and unarmed. A one-man charge that revealed everything in his arsenal.

He was all we could have wanted. Rude, bullish, incompetent, insulting, ridiculous, selfish and . . . masculine. Oh so very masculine. In fact, I could almost feel his masculinity from my sofa – as if he’d employed some Uri Geller-like trick. I half expected spoons to start bending in the drawer.  But those lucky ladies on his team, eh? Quite a priviledge to work with an adrenaline junkie, brimming with testosterone and – keep up you oldies – capable of keeping everything in his head. No need for pens and paper in Baggsland, just a supersized brain and well honed gut-instinct. Brilliant.  And the suggestion that anyone in their thirties is virtually ready for the old folk’s home . . .

The only disappointment was that his team won. I would’ve loved to have seen the stand off between Baggsy and Lord Sir Sugar Alan Lord. Sir. But then, it would peaking too soon wouldn’t it? It would be like X-Factor without the spectre of Katie Waissel (still not sure why the public dislikes her so) or Spangly Come Dancing without the right-wing-tory-turned-national-teddy-bear.

After that kind of entertainment, it’ll be a shame to see him go.

Separated at birth?

2 thoughts on “Don’t peak too soon

  1. Stuart as Syndrome – love it! I’ve been scratching my head wondering who he reminds me of for weeks, and now I know.

    This was definitely a case of Stuart not losing rather than winning.

    It’s only a matter of time before Stuart self-destructs in a blaze of ego. It says a lot about how badly Stuart managed his team – given that Apollo made so many mistakes – that Synergy won by such a small margin. Definitely a case of winning in spite of him rather than because of him. Although, to be fair, the one decision he did get right was the big one: putting the price up rather than down.

    Apollo over-spent (on DVDs and then the late panic-buy of the car), started 50 minutes late, and got their pricing strategy horribly wrong. Other than that, they were excellent(!) Both Chris and Liz made mistakes on this task, but Sandeesh deserved to go for having shown nothing positive at all during the entire series.

    We await the inevitable downfall of The Brand …

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