Life’s rich tapestry

Aah, the ups and downs of being a writer. I received my first royalty statement this week and, well, it wasn’t the greatest boost to my confidence. I’ve still not cracked through that advance yet. Mind you, in the first six months of being in the wild, Dry Season has sold OK. I mean, it’s not the million copy bestseller I was hoping would challenge the other big Dan – Brown, that is – but it’s a start. I’m chipping away at his lead. Oh yeah, and we still haven’t seen the paperback which will be going out in March.

So rather than a royalty cheque, it’s more of a reality check. Yep, you see what I did there?

Anyway, after that minor downer, and the bad review someone felt compelled to write about my book, I needed a boost. And, well, there’s been something of a boost. Someone’s bought some rights for Dry Season, which is a ‘Good Thing’. And . . . drum roll please . .  I’ve just received the proof copy for Dark Horizons. It dropped through the door yesterday and looks great. Can’t wait to see it sitting on the shelf alongside its older brother.

2 thoughts on “Life’s rich tapestry

  1. What? WHAT? WHAAAT?! A bad review for Dry Season? Which philistine would do that? Can we say ‘fatwah’?

    Congratulations on the rights deal. Who do you reckon for Sam… Leonardo Di Caprio, maybe?

    And the cover for Dark Horizons looks great. I’ve pre-ordered through the Evil Bookseller. But as yet no Kindle version?

    • Sadly, it wasn’t film rights, but Leo probably just hasn’t got to it yet. And I agree, the cover for Dark Horizons looks great – I love the way it uses the style of Dry Season’s cover.

      Thanks for the pre-order, by the way. I’m pretty sure there will be a kindle version, too.

      The Evil Bookseller? Ha! I love that.

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