Over the Hill

I’m gonna double-blog today. Just a quick one to say Happy Birthday to my daughter. Nine years old today. Wow, they grow up quickly. My son had his fifth birthday just a few weeks ago, and not long before that it was my 40th. Everyone’s getting older (I won’t say how old my wife’s going to be in a few days’ time).

Actually, my son was very excited about my 40th – it’s one of those landmark birthdays I suppose, and people were aksing what I was going to do to celebrate, so he picked up on all that. One afternoon he was helping me with something and he looked at me with a very serious expression –

‘I’m going to miss you when you’re older, Daddy.’

‘Oh? Why’s that?’

‘Because you’ll be dead.’

Never mind Ferraris, he’s already got me picking out boxes.


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