Looking to the harpies for comfortability

I feel cheated. I feel teased. I feel . . . let down. I settled in to watch The Apprentice last night, expecting to see Stuart ‘The Brand’ Baggs, only to be faced with a bunch of bickering girls. *sigh*. After setting him up to be the clown in last week’s episode, the ‘Baggster’ was nowhere to be seen. I reckon he must be keeping his head down. Mind you, I can always console myself with the audition video again – “Now, I’m alive. And there are so many people who aren’t alive, or who have died . . . unfortunately . . .”

Anyway; those girls, eh? It was like watching harpies turn on each other in the board-room. I don’t think anyone took much notice of the girls in the first week because they seemed so organised and ‘together’, but that didn’t last long. Now they’re into their stride and the claws are out but, unbelievably, Joanna (the moustache twirling baddie from this week) and Laura (the teary, meek one) were holding hands and smiling at each other like lovers when they skipped up the stairs in the final moments – despite having looked as if they wanted to scoop out each other’s brains with a warm spoon just a few moments earlier. Two-faced much?

Ah, it’s always good for a laugh, though, isn’t it? The hairy surgeon’s big hand cream applicator; the rolled-up towel with the built-in cooler for water or baby food; the crappy book stand/windbreak thing that earned a record breaking ‘nul points’; the way the boys press-ganged their team leader into a tassel-less bikini (anyone else feel uncomfortable with that?); and – my personal favourite – Gok Wan’s Melisa’s use of the word ‘comfortability’.

Now THAT’S entertainment.

Separated at birth?


4 thoughts on “Looking to the harpies for comfortability

  1. A very good episode last night, I thought – despite the low profile of both The Brand and Nick Hewer.

    My only disappointment with Synergy was that no one pulled up Alex, Chris and Christopher for what was tantamount to insubordination, bullying and sexual harassment in their treatment of Stella over the swimsuit photo-shoot. Seriously, are these sniggering idiots business professionals – or are they 14?!? (The latter, obviously.)

    As for the girls, they did stop short of hair-pulling, but Karren was right to pull them up for their bitchy back-biting. Mind you, no one said the same to the boys last week about their testosterone-fuelled antics casting men in the workplace in a bad light too.

    Here are my caffeine-fuelled thoughts from (late) last night:

    • Oh yeah, a very uncomfortable moment with the bikini thing. I looked at my wife in disbelief when the boys went ahead with their idea even though Stella had said she wouldn’t do it. And the looks on their faces when she finally agreed . . . like a bunch of snickering 14 year olds. And these are the business people of the future? Mind you, offices up and down the country are probably filled with people like that already!

      • In a corporate environment, all three of them would almost certainly have faced disciplinaries for bullying and sexual harassment. It doesn’t matter whose idea it was – Chris? Christopher? – they were all complicit. (Honestly, “have you got any with tassels?” …)

        I’m now beginning to think that doing Junior Apprentice was a mistake, if only because the teenagers were far more mature (and business-savvy) than this lot of prepubescents. If Karren was right to pull up the girls about their behaviour in the boardroom, what might they have said about the boys’ behaviour if they had lost?!?

  2. Well, it does always seem as if the winners get away scot-free, even when they win only because the other team is so dire, and I’m amazed that nothing was said about that particular incident. Mind you, Stella probably made the right call. Although her reluctance was clear and while I know it’s all in the editing, she ended up coming across very well.
    Still, a shame we missed out on ‘The Brand’ this week!

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