Author Event 25th August 2010

It’s not enough for writers to just write these days. No, no, we have to crawl from our darkened rooms from time to time, pale-skinned and blinking in the harsh light of day. This is a thing that terrifies us. We have to … talk to people.

OK, well, so it’s not really all that bad. On the whole, I reckon we writers are a fairly social lot and there’s nothing we like better than people telling us they’ve enjoyed reading our books. After all, why do we publish if not for other people to enjoy our words? So what I’m building up to here is telling you that I did my first author event last night, talking about, well, about me and about DRY SEASON. It’s a tad worrying when you’ve never done it before. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect or how I’d react when I stood up there in front of everyone, but actually, it was pretty good fun. Unfortunately only about half of the people who had booked turned up, but it was a good evening anyway. The slides seemed to go down very well, and it gave people the opportunity to look at something other than me. I managed to fill the time, talking for just over an hour, and there were some great questions at the end – it took a little while for people to speak up, but once they did … well, it turned out to be very entertaining. Even sold and signed a few books.

Thanks to everyone who came along, and maybe I’ll see you at the next one!


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