Brit Writers’ Awards

Well, the Brit Writers’ was a slightly surreal experience, but not a bad one by any means. The venue was great – IndigO2 – and someone had gone to a lot of effort and spent a lot of money to make it a special occasion. All of the awards but one are for unpublished writers, which is a great chance for people to get a little recognition and encouragement for what they’re doing. Mind you, there were a few speakers who seemed a little bitter about the ‘traditonal’ publishing houses and their ‘huge marketing budgets’ etc, which made for a few uncomfortable moments. Seemed a bit odd to invite a selection of published authors and their editors/agents only to tell them how elitist and mean they are. Oh, and then to surprise one lucky winner with a newly printed and published copy of her book.  Anyway. I was most impressed by some of the young people (better not say ‘children’ – would ‘kids’ be all right?) particularly 11yr old Robyn Lacey who wandered among the tables of several hundred people reciting one of her poems. That takes some guts.

As expected, I didn’t find myself on stage accepting the published writer award, but I’d like to thank everyone who voted for me anyway! The support is very much appreciated. As everyone guessed, Terry Pratchett won but that’s no bad thing. And there’s no shame in being pipped by the bearded one. He is, after all, a rather popular author. He gave a good speech and looked great.
Well done everyone who won awards.


6 thoughts on “Brit Writers’ Awards

  1. “If you want to get ahead get a hat” people don’t make up these sage sayings for fun you know.

    • Note to self – get a hat. Mind you, I’ve just looked at a photo of me in Portobello Road market – there’s a shop there that sells native American and cowboy stuff. I tried on a cowboy hat, but I just looked like the gay bloke from Village People. Maybe it’s a moustache that I need.

  2. Gosh – what an evening! Surreal is definitely the word. Glad to see someone writing about it somewhere. Best wishes, Katherine

    • Thanks Katherine – a lonely voice on my blog! It’s great that someone stumbles across it every now and then and decides to leave a trace of themselves. When I’m famous, they’ll all be wondering why they didn’t listen … ahem, ahem. But, yeah, it was an odd night. And Fergal Sharkey was there. Now that IS weird. Funny how ‘celebs’ like to keep reminding us of their name – did you notice? Lembit was the same. Perhaps they have coaches who tell them to repeat their own name every other sentence, just in case we forget who they are. All in all, though, I reckon the Brit Writers’ did a good job – and how about all those fantastic children?

  3. Sounds like it was a great night out.

    Fergal Sharkey is now very active in anti-piracy circles (is he an MP now?). For the last two years I’ve been to the Alliance Against IP Theft summer do at the House of Commons (lah de dah!) where Feargal Sharkey is almost a part of the furniture. I can’t say anything too bad about him though as he does do so much lobbying against filesharing. A good heart these days is hard to find! (Sorry, really sorry.)

    As for publishers getting plenty of stick… we often deserve a lot of it. 😉

    • Yeah, I suppose Feargal’s gotta get his kicks from somewhere. Du-dum. Actually, he looked pretty good – no more floppy hair and girly swaying. Funny how he went from Teenage Kicks to A Good Heart … Lembit, on the other hand? Well, he told a few jokes (not really very funny) but when you’ve been dumped by your Cheeky Girl and you’ve lost your seat in parliament, well, I guess the only way is up.

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