Covers and Waterstones

I’ve had a first look at some possible covers for the next book. It’s hard to be completely objective, though. Stephen King probably looks at his covers with a hint of boredom and then points out what he does or doesn’t like about them – that is, if he even looks at them at all. He must have so many to look at. Jealous much? Anyway, we’re talking about my second book cover here, so the excitment is still there.

My first reaction, on opening the file and looking at the initial rough ideas for cover images is ‘Fantastic. Brilliant.’ And if it were down to me, it would be printed and that would be that. My agent always manages to offer a little more objectivity, though, which is a ‘good thing’.  So now I’ve seen a few alternative ideas and … well, they’re all great. I wish I could put them all up here on my blog so you can look at them, but I can’t. And I won’t. You’ll just have to wait and see. So there.

On a different note altogether, I went into my local Waterstones yesterday and noticed they’ve started putting notes on some of the books to say why they enjoyed reading them. I asked if they’d do the same for my book and maybe, please, if they wouldn’t mind, would it be possible to put DRY SEASON on the more prominent shelves at the front of the store rather than just filed under the author A-Z.

They said they would. And that they’d order in a few more. So, big thanks to the friendly staff at Newcastle Waterstones.


6 thoughts on “Covers and Waterstones

  1. So I’m sitting in the Chinese in Whitley Bay, and the only thing they’ve got to read is Lifestyle.
    So I’m reading it, and I see your face.
    I think to my self “I know that guy, where do I know him from?” “He looks like an actor, was in Eastenders? Or waking the dead or something?… Naw that’s not it. It says he’s written A book. How the hell do I know an author? Hold on I used to work with that dude!”

    Well done! I do have a book out too at the moment though I suspect it’s a little (lot) more low brow than yours.

    Again, well done!

    • Hello Nigel. How weird is that? I was just looking at my bookshelf a couple of days ago and I pulled out ‘Gone’. Strange that you should then be reading about me! What’s the new book? Is it a graphic novel? And how’s life treating you? You haven’t popped out for a packet of fags and never come back have you?

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