Football, Big Brother and … pies

God bless the BBC. They’re becoming increasingly worried for the health of ‘middle-aged men’. As reported on the news last night, there is concern that said demographic will be unable to resist the Death Star tractor beam-like pull of the television when the football is on. And when the match is in full flow, the middle aged man will be slouched in his armchair with a beer in one hand and, within easy reach, a snack of either crisps, chips, or .. yup … a pie. Ah, that tasty, popular TV snack. The pie.


I didn’t realise there was such cause for concern. Now, I’m not sure I can class myself as middle-aged (when exactly does middle-age start?), but I thought beer with crisps, chips and a pie was a fine choice of TV snack. In fact I’ve already ordered in a whole batch of Greggs assorted meat pies. Nothing I like better than a thick pastry crust and a gelatinous, meaty filling to nibble on while I’m watching the match.

But that’s not all! No, no. As if that isn’t enough excitment to fill my thrill-o-meter, Big Brother has now hit our screens. Oh, the rush of it all. I won’t know what to watch. The men kicking the ball or the people sitting around doing nothing. Like the ultimate treat that mum could bring back from the shops. Football and Big Brother? Quick, order more pies!


One thought on “Football, Big Brother and … pies

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