Most Requested

Well, I put a copy of Dry Season on the Goodreads site as a giveaway and it’s made it onto the ‘most requested’ list – though, admittedly, it’s not that close to the top. Still, it’s a start; a few more people have now heard of it and might consider picking it up and reading it. With so many other books and authors out there, jostling for elbow room at the table, it can be hard to get noticed at all. One of the questions I’m asked most is ‘so how’s the book going?’ and it’s difficult to give an answer. I really don’t know how well it’s selling, but I’m sure that if it were leaping off the shelves, someone would have told me about it. I’ve had a few good reviews, so that’s a start, and it’s still only available in hardback and trade paperback, which aren’t hugely popular formats, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens when it comes out in paperback next spring – alongside the hardback release of my new novel (which is a cracker, of course). I’m hopeful that people are going to ‘discover’ it and really get something out of it.

I’m doing an author event at the City Libary in Newcastle in August and I’m hoping one or two people turn up. And maybe, just maybe, one of them might have read my book!

In the meantime, I’m working on the next novel which is shaping up nicely. I lagged on it a little last week, because it was half-term and the children needed to be entertained, but they’re back at school now so …


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