Lost finale – every question answered!

Well, actually .. not really. Blimey, if you were expecting any questions to be answered, then fuggeddaboudit. The numbers? Nope. Walt? Nope. Time travel? Nah. Shifting island? Nuh. Seeing dead people? Noooo. The others? Nope. I could go on, but we’d all get bored.

The last episode/s were pretty entertaining – anything would be an improvement on the painfully dull episode about Jacob’s origins – but they told us next to nothing. Not so bad, really (I’m not a person who needs a full, expositional explanation) but I can imagine a few people feeling like they’ve been swindled. No, for me there was a more serious problem (apart from Jack’s increasingly geeky hair style).

Now, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t yet watched it but …. and here’s the ‘but’ … the ‘and it was all a dream’ ending with Mr Christian ‘Exposition’ Shepherd was like something from a child’s school essay. Come on. Surely the guys who made up everything that preceded it could have found a better way to deal with their alt-reality.

Pur – lease!

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