Cardboard gaming table – muddy shoe storage included.

Junior Apprentice, eh? Makes me wonder where they found these guys. Precocious teenagers who want nothing more than to be ‘in business’. I thought teenagers were supposed to want to smoke fags and get drunk. But no, apparently not, and we’re treated to the surreal sight of kidz dressed as city bankers – oh, and the other one with the bohemian look – trying to behave like adults. Strange, too, that the girls (apart from little Kirsty) all look as if they might be 17/18 or older, but the boys look as if they’re 14. Strange; but very entertaining.

I watched ‘The Hangover’ the other night and, good as it was, it didn’t make me laugh half as much as watching last night’s project manager, Adam, looking Sir-Alan-Lord-Sugar-Sir in the eye and telling him that he really would stock that piece of cardboard crap on his camping website. Honest I would, me old mucka.

He also boasted to one of his team mates that they were in safe hands because not only does he sell the equipment, but he also goes camping twice a year. Later, when struggling to erect a tent he tried to excuse himself saying,

‘I’ve only ever been camping about twice.’

All the fun a family needs

‘Oh. I thought you went twice a year.’

‘Well … yeah … but I only started last year.’

To coin an old phrase, you couldn’t make it up.

The coup de grace, of course, was the idea of making a camping product out of cardboard (sorry, reinforced cardboard which we all know is like tempered steel). Pure genius. A great idea from Emma who ‘sells sweets and eggs’ and Adam who sells camping equipment. It’s brilliant. A huge cardboard gaming table with built in draughts (draughts!) that doubles as shoe storage. Because all modern children want not only to go camping with their family but also to be squeezed into the car with a giant box en route to the site, and then to be subjected to the horrors of multiple boardgames – and have somewhere to put their muddy shoes.

Leave the Wii and the DS Lite at home you ungrateful children!

The BBC knows what they’ve got here; checkout the Official BBC Website for some carefully chosen clips of the aspiring business kidz in action.


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